Friday, July 17, 2009

WSS is not free

One day during a discussion on WSS vs MOSS  a point that came up was
WSS is free...creating an application on WSS would involve no liscencening cost,but is it so??
a quick initial search gave me the answers i was looking for
Though WSS in itself might be free but we do forget thet we still need CALs for SQL server.Though you may argue that its essentially WSS that interacts with SQL and not the users directly ,you still need to have a CAL foe each and every user accesing the WSS application that you develop.
This shoud not be a problem if you have enterprise wide liscence for SQL...or else you do need it
So saying that WSS is entirely free is not soo true,yes if you compare MOSS and WSS its essentially free because you save on MOSS Liscensining  cost...but still SQL is there....

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