Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My baby step into sharepoint blogging

wanted to share some sharepoint tips and tricks...started by using google pages ...but i think blogging would be better....
any ways heres a link to my google pages

My google pages

have written two articles
linking back mysite to portal site. this talks about a very common requirement of linkimg my site of users back to portal homepage.Details out two methods which can be implemented without a single line of code and without changing master page of mysite

Link: Linking My Site Back To Portal Site

Second one talk about basic event handling in MOSS. Its basically a small tutorial for absolute beginners.Am actually thinking of posting tutorials on spobject model starting from beginners and raising the level as i learn and raise mine :)
Basic event handling in MOSS
was pretty surprised to find this link on top of google search for the query "basic event handling in MOSS"
will think of adding a visitor ticker to know how many ppl visited it